Date: 29th September 2014 at 9:30am
Written by: spirite mike

A match report from the weekend, from spirite mike.

Attendance 7,422 Sounded like 15,000
Saturday 27: 09: 2014

A quiz to start the report this week. Can you guess which team is Chesterfield and which is Nott’s County?

The game commenced with Nott’s County being the brighter team they had a goal ward bound shot hit the post after just 3 minutes. Always looking the better team they duly went on to score in the14th minute. Blair Adams finding the goal with a strike from the edge of the area, the ball going through a sea of legs and past an unsighted Lee.

They were outclassing Chesterfield in all aspects of the game and it was not until the 32nd minute that Chesterfield began to wake up. But sleeping giants like Chesterfield are best left sleeping! Before the half was over they had made their intentions known having hit the woodwork and having one player booked for a silly incident with a Nott’s County player, sliding in to tackle him from the back, the Nott’s County player got up and retaliated. Result one yellow card to Chesterfield non to Nott’s county.

The second half saw a revitalised Chesterfield. Playing the ball around more and pressuring the Nott’s County goal almost constantly. Though more by riding their luck than by judgement, Nott`s County kept the ball out of their net. The Spireite faithful increased the noise level bringing their own pressure to bear on the Nott’s County team, the drum beat louder, the fans sang with more passion, the players moved swiftly.

Reward came with the 74th minute a marvellous goal scored by Georg Margreitta, well taken after a succession of corners. The Nott’s County goal was then under an almost constant siege from the Chesterfield team. Twice clearing the ball off the line and Carroll pulling off some brilliant saves, and showing why he is a international keeper.

And those hand balls, two I know to be true. Which begs the question? How many hand balls need calling before a referee takes action?

Answer to quiz. A is Chesterfield.

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