Date: 16th November 2015 at 8:11am
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Angel Martinez has said he’s feeling good as he begins the long road back to fitness having picked up a knee injury in September that has already seen his season end.

With the Spaniard now on the road to recovery, he told the Official Site that he was feeling good despite the injury obviously being a massive disappointment for him.

‘I`m feeling good. Obviously it`s not easy to get that injury but I`m feeling better every day and improving so I`m on the way to recovery. It`s not easy for a footballer to be off the pitch this long, but I`m ready to work. I`m working already with Rodger Wylde and in the gym so I`m on the way back.’

Having been told that he would be out for nine months as he fully recovered from the problem, he admitted that was a blow but something he just had to face up to and now his focus is on returning earlier than expected if he can.

‘When the doctor said I was going to be out for nine months, I had to accept that I was going to have to work every day to be back as soon as possible. You have to respect the knee, it`s going to take a long time to get it ready to play again, but I`m hoping to be back sooner than the doctors said.’

Head of sports science and medicine Rodger Wylde also spoke about the players road to recovery.

‘We`re at a stage now where we`ve got past the fragile part of the rehab where we have to be very careful. We`re now working on flexion because that was a bit down on what we wanted. We are starting to mobilise the knee and getting it moving and we`re also starting to mobilise the kneecap as well as starting to mobilise the ACL itself.’

Key to his recovery is strengthening the thigh apparently, especially after sustained the knee ligament damage.

‘We`ve been working on full extension which also helps the thigh as well, because that is down due to the sort of injury that it is. We`re starting to bend the knee again which strengthens the knee and also the thigh. We use one kilogram weights on the ankle which also aids the strengthening process, Angel does this with both legs so he`s got a comparison and he knows what normal feels like.’

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