Date: 30th November 2015 at 3:43pm
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Chesterfield have today confirmed that left back Dan Jones has suffered a fracture in his right ankle following the loss to Swindon at the weekend.

The 28 year old suffered the injury in the second half of the four nil defeat and was stretchered off the pitch.

Head of Sports Science and Medicine Rodger Wylde explained to the Official Site.

‘On Saturday when I ran on to the field Dan immediately told me that he had heard something pop, which is never a good sign. I tested the ligaments on the ankle and found no pain there but a great deal of pain around the bone area. That made it clear to me initially that he’d not be able to continue in the match. I was suspecting a fracture, so I treated it as one.’

Wylde went on to say obviously the right move was stretchering him off to limit any further pain or damage and he was reassessed in the medical area, and the specific tests he conducted there showed ‘positive signs of a fracture’ so he was sent for an X-ray to confirm matters.

That has now been confirmed despite it being innocuous at the time.

‘He was pushing and turning at the same time. You might think that couldn’t cause a fracture, but whenever you have strong enough forces going through at the wrong time you can cause damage, even a fracture.’

The X-ray in confirming the issue has unfortunately sidelined the player for a reasonable amount of time now.

‘The X-ray confirmed a spiral fracture of the tibia, which is the inside of the ankle and he’s going to see an ankle specialist tonight – the same specialist who dealt with Aaron Chapman’s ankle reconstructions. Then we’ll know how the injury should be treated and whether he’ll need to be operated on. With a lower limb injury like this you’re looking at 12 weeks for the fracture site to fuse together and possibly then another 12 weeks for consolidation, but we’ll know more after seeing the specialist.’

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